The invention of writing, of book-binding and of printing were all media revolutions. Today, the digitization technologies developed over the course of the 20th century, including new forms of production and dissemination, have led to a new media revolution. Computer-based word processing, electronic publishing, the portable document format, open access, print on demand and online book stores have increased accessibility to information for broad parts of society and lowered academic and institutional thresholds. Open scholarship is contributing to critical thinking and the democratization of knowledge. In line with these principles, the publications of  NoPress  are open, easily accessible, and not subject to control by bodies guided by economic, institutional or ideological interests, a phenomenon still common today in the fields of publishing, editing and reviewing. The publications of  No Press  meet rigorous scholarly criteria, are printed according to the most current standards, and in their design and layout meet individual product requirements.  NoPress  publications are available in print as well as online. Since  NoPress  works on a non-profit basis, it is possible to keep prices low. Moreover, since the publications of  NoPress  are easily accessible, they are open to scholarly critique. The topics, contents and distribution of  NoPress  publications meet the most current scholarship requirements of today.  
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